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Because of the cold, my bed went all rusty and my ceilings and bathroom went mouldy. It was either starve and be warm or eat and be freezing.

This was the decision facing Jodie Norgate, who had to spend £60 a week on an electric heater after her gas boiler broke down and she couldn’t afford a boiler replacement.

And it’s not just a one off case. Incidents like this happen all over the UK, as homeowners and landlords struggle to cough up for a boiler replacement when the heating system faults. But with the savings you’ll make annually on energy bills and the financial help available, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t replace your old, faulty boiler.

In fact, a boiler replacement will save you up to £300 a year on your heating bills, meaning you can pay off the price of installation within five years. When you compare this to the costs of services and maintenance on your old boiler, you’ll wonder why you never made the switch earlier.

A boiler replacement will:

  • Cut your heating bills
  • Keep your home warmer
  • Reduce the risk of a boiler breakdown
  • Lower the chances of monoxide poisoning.

The Guardian reports that the average UK boiler is only 60% efficient. These old models are costing homeowners hundreds of pounds extra a year on heating bills and the property still isn’t being warmed sufficiently. Thousands of people are being left in the cold and without hot water for their baths and showers.

An article on the Guardian’s website says: “1m boilers are replaced each year in the UK. So this could be an opportunity to switch to a condensing boiler, which will reduce your CO2 emissions by 15 to 30 per cent.”

And a boiler really can breakdown at any time, leaving you with hefty repair bills. In the height of the winter this can be an even bigger issue as your property’s left without heat during the cold snap.

But at any time of the year repair bills can fetch up to £200 a time. So if your boiler is over 10-years-old, you’ll cut your outgoings and reduce the risk of a breakdown by installing boiler replacement.

With a boiler replacement, you’ll also ensure your family are kept safe, as the possibility of a carbon monoxide leak is dramatically reduced. Monoxide is an odourless, colourless gas, which kills and hospitalises dozens of people every year. To ensure this doesn’t affect your home, replace your old, inefficient boiler.

With the modern advances in boilers over the years, heating systems are now available which are small, efficient and save you up to £300 every year.

The combi boiler has shot to the top of the popularity list because of its ability to heat your home and warm water. With a combi boiler there’ll be no need for a water storage tank, which means you’ll also be saving room in your home.

One of the excellent benefits with a combi boiler is that you can draw hot water straight from the mains supply. Water is heated as and when it’s needed, so you don’t have to wait hours for it to be warmed in the external storage tank.

An A-rated boiler can also pull up your property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating, which could be crucial in the years to come. The EPC rating has already become important for those wanting to install solar panels. From April 1, properties with a rating less than level D won’t be eligible for the full solar feed-in tariff.

On top of this, a boiler replacement will make your property more appealing on the housing market as potential buyers will relish the opportunity of reduced energy bills.