Heating Controls

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Thermostat and Timer

The most usual controls are a thermostat and a timer. The timer allows you to set times during the day for the heating to turn on and off. These are usually dictated by the routine of the users, with most people preferring the house to have the chill taken off before they get out of bed – and a warm home to return to if they have been out all day.

Thermostats allow you to set a comfortable room temperature, when the heating reaches this is cuts out. These basic controls can become more sophisticated.

Wireless Heat Controls

These are popular with people who like computers or those who want to be able to control the time their heating switches on – even though they are out of the house. Wireless controls give remote access to the heating controls in every room, handy if you find you are going to be home earlier or later than expected.

Weather Compensation Controls

These, as their name suggests, respond to the temperature outside the house. For example, if the day becomes sunny the output of the boiler will be reduced, saving energy, and ensuring that the house isn’t too warm when you return.