Maintenance & Servicing

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A central heating boiler should be regularly serviced and maintened by a Gas Safe registered engineer to keep it safe and efficient. You wouldn’t expect a car to run without some attention, and your boiler works just as hard. Companies offer different standards of service. When you are buying your boiler ask the installer and/or manufacturer what kind of after sales service and regular servicing they offer.

boiler check

During a gas safety check or service, your Gas Safe registered engineer should be checking:

  • your appliance is burning correctly and not producing Carbon Monoxide
  • harmful gases are being removed from the appliance safely to the air outside
  • that any ventilation routes are clear and work properly
  • all the safety devices are working.
boiler check

As a minimum, the record of a gas safety check must check:

  • appliances are positioned in the right place
  • any flue or chimney serving appliances is safe and installed correctly
  • there is a good supply of combustion air (ventilation) to appliances
  • to make sure appliances are on the right setting and are burning correctly
  • appliances are operating correctly and are safe to use.

In Great Britain and Isle of Man any gas safety record given to you after 1 April 2009 will only be valid if the engineer is registered with Gas Safe Register. In Northern Ireland and Guernsey it will only be valid after 1 April 2010.